by Berna Reale

In Americano, Berna Reale, walks through the dark and shadowy hallways of a maximum security prison complex in the Brazilian northeast in sportswear and holding an Olympic torch in her hands.

The torch appears as a symbol of purification, light and knowledge, and the fire a legacy of the social riots that occurred in 2013 all around the country.

Besides being an artist, Reale is a Criminal Expert, so she is constantly in touch with a wide variety of social-related conflicts. In the last few years, she has focused on violence as the main subject for her artistic creations.

In her performances she uses her own body to generate a feeling of estrangement in order to expand our perception field, inviting us to think over contemporary politics and society.

Berna Reale is a Brazilian artist who produces performances and installations to reflect on the contemporary socio-political moment.

Images by Berna Reale, courtesy of the artist.